Future Team Tecnifibre champs get together

January 3, 2017

From the 9th to the 12th December, Tecnifibre organised a pre-season physical training camp, an initiative born from the unique “On the Road to the ATP World Tour” concept with the ATP.

5 players from the Tecnifibre team, who are young hopeful players in tennis gathered in Bretagne in France for 4 days of training where they concentrated on performance, commitment, sharing information and training together.

Russians Daniil Medvedev (no. 99 ATP), Alen Avidzba, Frenchmen Hugo Grenier (sparring partner at the ATP World Tour finals), Johan Tatlot and Boris Fassbender pushed their limits during the intensive training designed by the physical coach Patrick Chamagne, where they participated in numerous activities: beach soccer, padel tennis, sand yachting, sea kayaking, sea aquagym amongst others.

The goal of the camp was to discover disciplines which were very far away from tennis so that they could step outside of their comfort zones to prepare physically and mentally for the long 2017 season ahead of them. This was also an opportunity for members of the Tecnifibre Team not only to create a link of proximity with one another, but also to evaluate their own potential for the years to come.

Guillaume Ducruet, Sports Marketing Manager says: “To step outside of tennis and to change their daily routines it was interesting for us to see if they could step up to the challenge. The team experience also allowed the players to share their experiences and to motivate one another. Tecnifibre likes to be at the side of its athletes all year around. This proximity is part of our brand culture.

It is rare for these young players who are always on tour, to spend time as part of a group. Tecnifibre, where open mindedness is one of the keys to success at this level, is the only brand which offers such an experience to its ambassadors: to go one step further other than to give out equipment.

Daniil Medvedev, recently winner of the Young Guns Contest 2, found this experience extremely enriching. “Preparation is the most important element in tennis. You find your weaknesses, your physical ability, your mental ability. This is what prepares you for the season to come. My main goal for the next year is to remain in the top 100 and if possible to go up into the Top 50. This is why I take preparation seriously and why I came to this camp this winter”.