Lynch to officiate at Rose Bowl

January 3, 2017

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Har-Tru’s Director of Sales, Tracy Lynch, has been living a not-so-secret, other life. He has been officiating football for the last 20 years. First at the high school level, then collegiate, and for the last six years for the Atlantic Coast Conference. Last night Tracy was on the field for the Granddaddy of Them All, the Rose Bowl. And not just any Rose Bowl but the highest scoring Rose Bowl in history.

“All of us are incredibly proud of Tracy’s accomplishments as an official,” says Pat Hanssen, Har-Tru’s President. “To work at the elite level in a sport like football is a huge commitment and Tracy has worked hard to get there, balancing his career, his family and football. I couldn’t be more pleased for him.”

The game, a match-up between USC and Penn State, was expected to be a battle of great defenses but the offenses stole the show in what turned out to be a 52-49 victory for USC, decided by a late-game interception that resulted in a last second field goal. When asked about what it was like to be on the field for such an intense, close, high-scoring affair Tracy replied, “It was an honor to be a part of the game and a part of the history of the Rose Bowl. When all is said and done I believe people will remember the game and not the officiating, and hopefully that means we did a pretty good job.”

Now it’s back to tennis life for Tracy. He returns to the office immediately where is likely to absorb some ribbing from friends, colleagues and customers about all of his “missed calls.” He will attend the grand opening of the USTA National Campus later this week.

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