Tecnifibre at the Delray Beach Open

February 22, 2017

This week, Tecnifibre is the Official Stringer at the Delray Beach Open. We are very excited about this partnership because Delray Beach is a great atmosphere with a strong draw, especially for a 250 tournament.


Our team of three stringers has been working hard to meet the needs of all the players at the tournament and has already done a great job. On Monday alone, the guys strung 80 racquets. Below are a couple fun facts from the tournament so far:

Highest tension: Dustin Brown (Ger) – 79 lbs.

Lowest tension: Kukushkin – 32 lbs.

They need about 12 minutes per racquet + stencil and bag.

Biggest “customers”: Del Potro, Sock, and Raonic, with 5 racquets per match.