Lobster elite10 remote control for iOS

May 30, 2017

Lobster Sports, the premier US tennis ball machine manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of the new elite10 remote control for Apple.

The new remote control offers all the features of Lobster Sports’ standard elite10 remote, but allows customers to use an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, or iPad to control the feed, speed, spin, elevation, sweep and vertical oscillation from anywhere on the court. Apple users will enjoy the benefit of not needing an additional remote control device to keep track of and Apple Watch users will be amazed at the convenience of controlling their tennis ball machine from their wrist.

The elite10 remote control for Apple is a proprietary system consisting of a factory installed wi-fi receiver plus the free Lobster elite remote control app available for download at the App Store.

According to Tony Potter, President of Lobster Sports, “The Lobster elite remote control app brings cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.”

The new app based remote control system is an optional accessory and compatible with the battery-powered elite two or elite three portable tennis ball machines and the electric-powered elite two a/c or elite three a/c machines.  

For existing owners of any elite two or elite three ball machine seeking to upgrade to the new elite10 remote control for Apple, they must contact Lobster Sports at 800-526-4041 or email [email protected].

Lobster Sports’ complete line of tennis ball machines and accessories can be found at