Miley joins Universal Tennis

July 13, 2017

Universal Tennis Rating, the worldwide rating for tennis players, announced today that David Miley, former ITF Director of Development will join as a consultant beginning July 17th. In his new role, Miley will will be responsible for international partnerships for UTR and consult on specific projects related to the growth of the rating system.

Miley was with the ITF for 17 years and has extensive experience in international tennis. In that position, he led the largest department of the ITF which included Junior Tennis, Senior Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis, Technical and Anti-Doping. He also oversaw the highly regarded jointly funded ITF/Grand Slam Development program which assisted the 200+ member nations through programs in coach education, tennis participation and high performance player development. He was instrumental in the development of the ITF Coach education syllabi, the Tennis Play and Stay campaign which led to the rule change for 10 and under tennis in 2010 and for the launch of the International Tennis number (the ITN) in 2003. Dave will be responsible for the international side of the UTR project and will work as a consultant on specific projects related to the growth of the rating system, which is currently used extensively in the USA.

“I am very happy to be asked to join the UTR team as a consultant” said Dave. “During my time at the ITF, I always felt that an accurate world rating system for tennis could have a huge impact at every level of the game from the recreational player to the high performance player and that, in time, this could affect participation and retention rates very positively. The rating system is now regarded as the most accurate method to assess the level of performance for players and it is used by US Collegiate coaches in deciding which players will be strong fit for their programs. In addition, UTR has the ability to provide reports and data for use by Federations and organizers to aid in player development and grow programming.”

Bruce Waschuk, the CEO of UTR, commented “We at UTR are delighted to have Dave Miley join the team. He brings a unique background that will certainly have a very positive impact on the growth of UTR internationally. Dave has considerable expertise in the area of ratings, having driven the launch of the ITN for the ITF, and he shares our vision that UTR will continue to positively impact tennis worldwide.”

About Universal Tennis

Universal Tennis created the Universal Tennis Rating, which enables all players to accurately assess their abilities. By far the simplest, most accurate gauge of tennis skill, UTR’s 16-point scale applies to both sexes, all ages, and all levels of ability, from beginners to top professionals. The system taps head-to-head competitive results from the world’s largest tennis federations.Over the last 10 years, UTR has recorded more than 5 million tennis results from professional, collegiate, national-, sectional-, and district-level junior tournaments, as well as high school play. More than 400,000 athletes in 198 countries now have UTRs.The number of tennis federations and organizers partnering with UTR continues to grow. Each partnership entails no cost to the federation/organizer, nor any commitment.