Laserfibre Introduces U.S.-Made Co-Poly Tennis String

November 1, 2017

TAMPA, FL, — Laserfibre, LLC has introduced the first co-poly tennis string ever manufactured in the U.S. This newest string to the Laserfibre product line is aptly named Native Tour and represents a new direction for tennis string manufacturing. “The industry has long thought that a monofilament polyester string could not be made in the U.S. due to the extreme cost of the machinery required to produce such high-quality string, as well as the associated costs of labor. We are very excited to now have a solution,” said Laserfibre CEO Curt Dailey.


For more than 2 years, Laserfibre founders worked alongside engineers with very extensive knowledge in the extrusion process. Careful analysis and assessment were performed throughout the development process including multiple, blind play-tests with industry professionals. “We did not rush to market with this string as we wanted to ensure that this technology and manufacturing embodies every component of a high-quality polyester string,” said Dailey.

Native Tour is the seventh product added to the Laserfibre line. “We are very excited to have an exclusive partnership with this U.S. factory,” added Dailey. “Our goal is to broaden competitive options for today’s players. And, ultimately, we’d like to see the majority of our product offerings made in America.”

Laserfibre, LLC is led by industry veterans Dailey and Josh Hausman. For more information and to view the entire Laserfibre product line at visit