USTA Restructures Community Tennis Division

January 9, 2018

Orlando, Fla. (Jan. 9, 2018) – The USTA announced a restructuring of its Community Tennis division prompted by the success of the USTA National Campus in the Lake Nona district of Orlando, Fla. This restructuring will allow the USTA to better focus its people and resources as it continues to innovate across all grassroots areas, including youth and adult tennis, tournament play, digital outreach, education and overall tennis participation.

Kurt Kamperman will assume the role of Chief Executive, USTA National Campus. The success and potential of the USTA National Campus necessitated focusing Kamperman’s role to ensuring the Campus continues to grow and reach its full potential. He will oversee the facilities team and lead the development of a long-term infrastructure plan to sustain growth. Additionally, Kamperman will have oversight of USTA-U, the USTA’s innovative approach to raising coaching and educational standards for the sport of tennis in the United States, He also will continue as the USTA point person with tennis industry partners and all allied organizations.

Craig Morris will assume the role of Chief Executive, Community Tennis. Since his arrival at the USTA in November 2015, Morris was tasked with creating the USTA’s first-ever unified youth tennis brand – Net Generation. With Net Generation nearing its consumer launch in March 2018, Morris will now oversee all aspects of Community Tennis, including adult tennis, league tennis, youth tennis, USTA tournaments and all other areas for growing grassroots participation in the sport.

Jeff Waters will now assume the title of Managing Director, Community Tennis. Jeff will maintain his current responsibilities in the adult tennis area, but his responsibilities will now include a substantial role in the USTA efforts to provide more comprehensive support to its 17 Sections and the volunteer base of the USTA. This support will include serving as the liaison between the USTA national office and section leadership for the wide-ranging digital transformation now underway across all USTA digital properties and platforms. The goal of this top-tier USTA initiative is to better engage and service the entire tennis community on all levels in the U.S.

“Tennis is a sport that grows upward from its grassroots,” said USTA Chairman of the Board and President Katrina Adams. “These moves will allow us to more specifically focus on those grassroots to ensure a long-term health and vitality of the sport.”

In addition, following a review and recommendation by a governance task force, the organization voted to change Gordon Smith’s title from USTA Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director to USTA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director to better reflect his scope of responsibilities and to bring his title in line with industry standards. Effective January 1, 2018 Smith is now the USTA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. Adams remains the USTA Chairman of the Board and President.