Har-Tru Celebrates 10 Years of ClayTech

March 20, 2018

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, — Har-Tru, LLC is excited to share that the company is celebrating 10 years of ClayTech in 2018 by hosting play events around the country. ClayTech is a hybrid clay court that offers all the benefits and playability of clay without all the maintenance. The surface was developed and sold in Europe prior to its introduction to the US.

“So many tennis players want to play on clay. It is the safest and most generous surface physically. Plus, it helps players improve footwork, balance, endurance and shot selection,” says Pat Hanssen, Har-Tru’s President. “As the world’s leader in clay tennis courts it is our job to provide clubs, facilities, and homeowners with options that meets their needs, and for some that means a low maintenance clay court.”

ClayTech is a court system that gets glued to an existing hard surface and infilled with red or green clay. It can be installed and playable in as little as 3 days. The base is a 1/4” needle-punch textile that never requires rolling, has permanent lines, and needs minimal brushing and watering.

“Har-Tru is always looking for ways to create a better place to play,” says Tracy Lynch, Har-Tru’s Director of Sales. “ClayTech does just that. It is an all-weather, easy to care for, clay court that makes the game more fun and more comfortable.”

All weather is a term typically reserved for hard courts, but the company contends that ClayTech has a greater right to that claim than any surface they have seen.

“I have played on it wet, bone-dry, lightly frozen, and even after a snow!” comments Hanssen. “The source of good traction is the Har-Tru particles and the loops in the textile. Moisture of any type and amount, while it might affect the tennis balls, won’t affect traction. That’s truly all weather. Not even hard courts can claim that, and certainly not the tufted, sand-filled turf products that try to pose as clay courts.”

There are now more than 700 ClayTech courts in 21 countries around the world and, with more interest in low maintenance options, Har-Tru expects those numbers to rise. The company reports that it sold more ClayTech courts last year than any year since the introduction of the surface.

According to Lynch, playing is believing. “The court sells itself.” That, he says, is why the company has decided to put on play events to celebrate the 10-year anniversary. Play events are being scheduled for May, June and July in Washington DC, South Carolina, Missouri, and New England. As dates and locations are finalized they will be posted on the company’s website at All are invited to participate.

Har-Tru, LLC is a global tennis company based in Charlottesville, VA. It is the world’s leading provider of clay court surfaces, tennis court consultation, court equipment and accessories. The company strives to help others build and maintain the best courts in the world, leveraging its products, knowledge, and experience to most effectively meet the needs of each customer. Har-Tru stays active in the in the industry as an advocate for the sport and sponsor of tennis related activities.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Pat Hanssen at 1-877-4HARTRU or email at [email protected].