Har-Tru Launches Windscreen Design Center

May 25, 2018

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (May 21, 2018) – Har-Tru, LLC is launching a new Windscreen Design Center on June 4th. The online design center will be housed on the company’s website – The purpose of the design center is to use technology to simplify an otherwise tedious and complex customization and ordering process.

“In tennis, windscreens greatly enhance play,” said Pat Hanssen, Har-Tru’s President. “They increase privacy, improve visibility, add shade, and cut down on wind. The biggest challenge with windscreen is that every order is 100% custom to the facility. With the Windscreen Design Center, we have tackled that challenge head on, making it easier for the consumer to design and order the screens that help them create a better place to play.”

The Windscreen Design Center offers complete instructions for measuring, installing and maintaining windscreens. It also provides users with a step by step process for choosing their preferred material and entering their dimensions and logo requirements. Every consumer who registers for the site will have their own windscreen dashboard with current and past orders. The data is systematically stored by facility, battery and court number, meaning it will be readily available for future needs, whether it be the replacement of one piece or an entire re-wrap of the facility.

“One of the biggest challenges with windscreen is maintaining what you have,” commented Ed Montecalvo, Har-Tru’s Consulting Services Manager. Montecalvo was formerly the Head Groundskeeper at Merion Cricket Club. “Facilities rarely replace all their screens at once and making sure you are using the same material and matching the color can be quite tricky, particularly if the personnel who does the ordering changes.”

Har-Tru partnered with Owen Design and Byte Jam to design and build the Windscreen Design Center. Once live, it is expected to serve thousands of tennis customers and to draw in multi-use customers, such as colleges and universities, that desire a simplified approach to maintaining continuity across their entire facilities. The company plans to continue taking orders over the phone and by email as well. According to Hanssen the goal is to meet and support the customer in as many ways, and through as many channels, as possible.

Har-Tru, LLC is a global tennis company based in Charlottesville, VA. It is the world’s leading provider of clay court surfaces, tennis court consultation, court equipment and accessories. The company strives to help others build and maintain the best courts in the world, leveraging its products, knowledge, and experience to most effectively meet the needs of each customer. Har-Tru stays active in the in the industry as an advocate for the sport and sponsor of tennis related activities.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Pat Hanssen at 1-877-4HARTRU or email at [email protected].