Ashaway Introduces ZyMax 68 TX Badminton String

October 18, 2018

Ashaway, RI (Oct. 18, 2018) – Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced ZyMax® 68 TX, a new badminton string with a proprietary textured surface coating to enhance feel and control of the shuttle. Like its ZyMax Fire siblings, ZyMax 68 TX utilizes Ashaway’s proprietary BETA polymer fibers and is constructed using the company’s special ZyWeaVe(tm) string core technology. The new string offers sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness for maximum shuttle speed and explosive repulsion, as well as optimum power and durability, incredible knot and shear strength, and exceptional tension holding ability for consistent, reliable performance.

“Progress in string R&D is often incremental, but occasionally the result is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Ashaway Vice President Steve Crandall. “With our Beta polymer, ZyWeaVe core technology and now a new textured surface coating, our ZyMax 68 TX offers players truly outstanding performance and durability.

ZyMax 68 TX is geared for professional players and advanced amateurs, as well as players desiring the durability of a heavier gauge string along with better feel and control. The string’s BETA polymer multifilament core provides 25% better stiffness and elasticity than comparable strings, and its BETA polymer braided construction provides 25% better knot and shear strength. In addition, Ashaway’s trademarked ZyWeaVe technology generates a string core that is stronger and holds tension better than traditional badminton strings. This allows for thinner, more playable strings that perform consistently at higher tensions throughout the life of the string.

White, orange or optic yellow in color, ZyMax 68 TX is 0.68 mm thick (21 gauge) and is available in 10 meter (33 ft) sets and 200-meter (660 ft) reels. Recommended stringing tension is up to 40 lbs.

Ashaway Racket Strings are made by Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co., the only U.S. manufacturer of string for squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Operated by the Crandall family since 1824, Ashaway has been making racquet strings since 1949, and is responsible for several important technical innovations. Ashaway has been the Official String of USA Racquetball for more than fifteen years. Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. also makes braided products for medical and industrial applications. For more information visit