All Racquet Sports Creates First ‘Made in U.S.’ Padel Court

November 1, 2018

Salt Lake City, UT, (Nov. 1 2018) — All Racquet Sports has announced that the first “Made in the USA” padel court was recently completed outside of Reading, Pa. The court and design lead the way to meet the future demands for the growth of the fastest growing sport in the world. Padel started in Mexico, found its way to Argentina and exploded in popularity in Europe.

The sport has grown to a $600 million industry with 12 million players in 78 countries. There are 35 International Federations and a World Padel Tour with TV broadcasts and venue stops around the globe.

“Social, fun and addictive are words used to describe the sport,” notes Lee Sponaugle, President, All Racquet Sports. “The sport is easy to learn and hard to master. The whole family can play together.” With over 30,000 courts worldwide, Sponaugle looks forward to a Great Court Building Campaign in the USA where padel can help grow the entire racquet sports industry through increased club memberships, equipment sales, lessons and leagues.

The Made in the USA padel court was designed and built by Scott Grote, President of Padel Court Construction and Design, All Racquet Courts. “The sport that was born outside the U.S. is now Built in America and Played in America” says Grote, “Our goal was to create a court where the components could be sourced and constructed in the US.” This court uses an Amish US steel fabricator in Lancaster, PA, a turf playing surface from Dalton, GA and tempered glass walls manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA. Grote created a architecturally appealing court, using less steel. The glass corners provide additional viewing angles for spectators and increased playability for the players.

With the growth of other racquet sports, padel is well positioned to appeal to 25-55 year olds looking for a great workout, social connection and diversity in their health and wellness activities.

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About All Racquet Sports:

All Racquet Sports is the leading expert on padel in the USA and is dedicated to growing racquet sports in North America. The company is focused on selling padel courts, racquets and accessories and providing certifications for teaching professionals. All Racquet Sports believes that the growth of the industry will come from the inclusion of all racquet sports at the same facility, increasing participation, memberships and overall sales.