Black Knight Introduces Knight Trainer Pro Robotic Badminton Feeder

March 14, 2019

Montreal, QC – Black Knight Canada has introduced a completely redesigned version of their highly successful Knight Trainer, the world’s first practical badminton machine, released in 2008. The new Knight Trainer Pro is far more advanced with more control features and increased versatility. The robotic training unit is capable of feeding all kinds of smashes, drives, clears, drops, net shots, short serves and long serves in continuous sequences, whether random or in any chosen order, or in a combination of the two, for up to 250 shots before refilling. The new Knight Trainer Pro is 50% more powerful than the original Knight Trainer, delivering the shuttle at the actual speeds and intervals of human shots.

Designed for anyone who enjoys teaching, coaching or playing badminton, the Knight Trainer Pro creates a revolutionary way to rapidly improve badminton skills and develop champions. Practice against any shot in the game while the Knight Trainer Pro tirelessly feeds drills from the simplest to the most complex. The included Windows tablet and pre-installed software allow for possibilities only limited by your imagination and willingness to push your training. The Knight Trainer Pro has a capacity of 250 shuttles that can test any player’s skills and endurance.

Using the new Knight Trainer Pro is easy. Simply choose the machine’s location and height on the court, and use the included tablet to open existing drills or to easily program as many new shots as you wish from that location. For a new drill, select from among the shots to create a playlist of 1 to 250 shots — whether as a drill or as a game simulation – and let it run.

Set the different intervals you want to allow between each of the shots. Loop your playlist to repeat as many times as you want, in sequence, randomly, or in a combination of the two, while the Knight Trainer Pro automatically changes direction, angle and speed to generate your shots continuously.

Training drills can be as simple or as complex as you like and can be saved with different levels of difficulty customized for each player or team. The new Knight Trainer Pro comes complete with a ready-to-go library of drill files. The robotic trainer is ideal for national training centers, universities, colleges, high schools, primary schools, senior centers, clubs of all kinds, rehab facilities, and anywhere else that badminton can be played. For additional information, including demonstration videos, visit

Black Knight was founded in Vancouver in 1976, by racquet sports enthusiasts with a true commitment to the development and support of the sports they loved. Whether through product development or in the events and activities they have created and fostered, Black Knight prefers to lead through innovation. Over the years Black Knight has been first to market with many key developments in squash and badminton such as graphite racquets, new frame technologies, training innovations and more. In Canada Black Knight also represents Ashaway for racquet strings. The collaboration with Ashaway extends to the Black Knight line worldwide as we offer more and more models pre-strung with Ashaway strings.