Ashaway ZyMax® TX Badminton Strings Offer Proprietary Features

May 21, 2019

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway’s ZyMax® TX family of badminton strings combines a trio of proprietary features to provide both amateur and professional players a new level of playability and performance. The TX family currently includes two strings, 68 TX and 64 TX. Both include a proprietary textured surface coating to enhance feel and control of the shuttle. They also utilize Ashaway’s proprietary BETA polymer fibers and are constructed using the company’s special ZyWeaVe™ string core technology.

Combined, these features allow the ZyMax TX string family to offer sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness for maximum shuttle speed, as well as optimum power and durability, incredible knot and shear strength, and exceptional tension holding ability for consistent reliable performance.

The family’s BETA polymer multifilament core provides 25% greater dynamic stiffness and elasticity than comparable strings, and its BETA polymer braided construction provides 25% better knot and shear strength. Ashaway’s trademarked ZyWeaVe technology generates a string core that is stronger and holds tension better than traditional badminton strings. This allows for thinner, more playable strings that perform consistently at higher tensions throughout the life of the string.

ZyMax 68 TX is geared for professional players and advanced amateurs, as well as players desiring the durability of a heavier gauge string along with better feel and control. Thinner ZyMax 64 TX is geared for those players desiring the superior performance of a micro gauge string along with better feel and control.

In a recent playtest conducted by the European Racket Stringers Association (ERSA), 23 member playtesters were given unmarked sets of ZyMax 68 TX in unmarked packages and played with them for an average of 8.7 hours. As reported in the March 2019 issue of ERSA’s Pro Stringer magazine, no tester broke his string during the test, and all rated the string well above average for durability, control, spin potential, and tension maintenance. The report concluded, “The string does what it was made to do, offers great durability and tension control with a new textured surface.”

ERSA is an international racket sports association of stringers, shops, distributors and manufacturers with over 3,500 members in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. ERSA offers training and certification in badminton, squash and tennis stringing, and is considered by many to be the number 1 such organization in the world. Many tournaments request ERSA Pro Tour Stringer Certified Stringers, and some will have only ERSA Pro Tour Stringers.

ZyMax 68 TX and ZyMax 64 TX, measure 0.68 and 0.64 mm (21 and 22 gauge) respectively and are available in white, orange and optic yellow in both sets and reels.

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