ITA Launches College Tennis Alumni Network

May 12, 2019

TEMPE, Ariz. (May 8) – In an effort to raise the profile of college tennis, engage alumni and provide a networking vehicle, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) announced the launch of the College Tennis Alumni Network.

The primary purpose of the network is to help college tennis alumni connect, support current players and alumni as they transition into their chosen field of interest and build an advocate base for college tennis.

“Our mission at the ITA is to serve our membership in a variety of ways that improve the experience of the student-athlete, support their goals on and off the court, keep alumni engaged and grow the game of college tennis,” ITA President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Russell said. “We are extremely excited to launch the Alumni Network and our expectation is that it will be another tool that helps fulfill our mission of serving the college tennis community.

“With Corey Pegram, our business and development manager, leading this initiative, we believe the it will be a powerful platform that enables current student-athletes and alumni to connect and keeps them engaged in college tennis throughout their lives,” Russell added.

The online platform, built in partnership with Athlete Network, LLC., is free to join for any current and former college tennis players at the NCAA Division I, II, III, Junior College and NAIA levels, and provides the following benefits:

To join, current student-athletes and alumni can visit . The first collegiate program that signs up 50 alumni members will receive a $500 grant from the ITA.