Dunlop Introduces Next Generation Stringing Machine

June 5, 2019

Greenville, SC (June 5, 2019) — Dunlop introduced a trio of new products designed for racket technicians: the Dunlop Stringing Machine 2.0, the Dunlop Swingweight Machine and the Dunlop Balance Board.

The Dunlop Stringing Machine 2.0 offers several features that make stringing easier, faster and more convenient. It comes with either a Linear Gripper or Diablo gripping system; both offer extreme accuracy while locking the string. The machine can easily handle any racket size, particularly excelling with larger frames due to how easy it is to extend. (It can also handle squash or badminton rackets). The machine is wide enough to accommodate two tool trays, a great benefit to stringers working in a compact area. Other features include:

· Premium, non-slip clamps designed to be easy on string

· Clamp bases with easy-push buttons

· Precision metal break with auto or manual control

· Table Top Compatible

· Multiple pull speeds- low, medium, and high

· Pre-Stretch function (0%, 5%, or 10%)

Dunlop’s new Swingweight Machine and Balance Board give racket technicians the most advanced tools to ply their trade. Each enable precise measurements and the ability to match rackets based on swingweight and balance. They are portable and capable of working with squash and badminton rackets as well.

Suggested retail prices are: Dunlop Stringing Machine 2.0: $6000; Dunlop Swingweight Machine: $1000; Dunlop Balance Board: $50. To learn more about Dunlop tennis, visit