Selkirk Sport Surpasses 800 Pickleball Paddle Donations

October 10, 2019

Hayden, ID, October 8, 2019 – Earlier this year, Selkirk Sport, the leading Pickleball paddle and accessories brand, launched the “Selkirk Growth Program,” a philanthropic campaign where the Company announced plans to donate 1,000 paddles to schools & youth organizations, first responders and charitable organizations.

After a series of recent paddle donations, including the Boys & Girls Club of Central New Mexico; Camp One Step in Williams Bay, WI, a specialized camp that empowers boys and girls living with cancer to find hope; and the Encinitas Fire Department, the paddle donation count has eclipsed 800.

This campaign was created to further support the growth of Pickleball – an exciting sport that combines elements of Tennis, Badminton, and Ping Pong – at the grassroots level. After receiving a record number of applications, the Company anticipates surpassing its goal of 1,000 paddle giveaways in Q4 of 2019.

“After launching this campaign in April of 2019, the response from organizations seeking paddle donations exceeded our expectations,” said Rob Barnes, Managing Partner, Selkirk Sport. “Pickleball is a fantastic recreational activity for individuals of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, and we are thrilled to support organizations that are committed to integrating Pickleball into their line-up of activities.”

Selkirk Sport, a family-owned business based in Hayden, Idaho offers a full line-up of paddles and accessories for players of all skill levels, highlighted by the innovative AMPED™ Series. Each week on the professional Pickleball circuit, Team Selkirk athletes compete with Selkirk Sport’s AMPED Series Pickleball Paddles.

For more information on Selkirk Sport, Team Selkirk’s stable of Professional Pickleball Ambassadors and the innovative AMPED™ Series, visit To follow the Company through social media, please visit Selkirk on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SelkirkSport.