New Tourna 700-ES Features ‘Press Down Clamps’ to Lock Base

January 14, 2020

The new Tourna 700-ES features new time-saving “Press Down Clamps.” These new clamps just press down and lock to the base, which is a faster and easier way to secure the clamp to the base.

Releasing the clamp can also be done 3 different ways, one of which includes the highly sought after Gravity Assisted Release mechanism. The machine offers advanced microprocessor technology for true constant pull tensioning, a diablo nose cone, linear gripper, and an easy start tensioning system. A one-knob self-leveling 6 point mount speeds up the racquet mount process, and the ergonomic design of the base maximizes the working space under the racquet strings where you need it most.

These features all combine to one of the fastest most comfortable stringing experiences available in this price point. The multi-function control panel has 6 pull speeds, 4 levels of pre-stretch, knot function, timer, and memory as well. The 88lb base can be removed from the stand to be used as a table top as well.