Offer Your Players the “Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle”

May 7, 2020

To help tennis providers recoup some of their lost income from the COVID-19 pandemic, a key project team of the Tennis Industry United campaign has coordinated and developed the “Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle”—a collection of 37 instructional videos that tennis facilities and individual teaching pros can sell to tennis players and club members.

Through a simple application form, tennis providers who qualify will be able to offer their players the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle for a flat $99. The courses that make up the Bundle have all been donated by some of the nation’s top online coaches and, if sold separately, would be valued at more than $4,000.

Importantly, clubs or individual teaching pros who qualify to sell the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle will keep 100 percent of all sales. In fact, payment by players/members goes right to the club or pro directly, and does not go through the USTA or any other organization. There is no fee to tennis providers for selling this course.

The tennis provider simply sets up online payment for this course just like they would with any other product or service they’d sell online. One of the big differences here, though, is as a tennis provider, you’re able to sell and profit from a product that you did not need to produce. (The tennis provider or club is responsible for any taxes on the income received through the sale of the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle.)

But providers need to act fast—the deadline to apply to sell the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle to your players/members ends at midnight this Saturday, May 9. Click here for more information and to apply.

Those tennis providers who sell this course:

The online instructors who contributed courses to this Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle are not promoting this offer, so that tennis providers can get all the sales.

If you’re a teaching pro at a club or facility, even if you’ve been furloughed, it’s important that you check with the club management before applying to sell the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle to see whether this will be sold to members/players from the club itself or from individual teaching pros.

“We ask that you only apply if you plan to make an earnest effort to sell this bundle to your members and players,” says Jorge Capestany, who was instrumental in coordinating the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle and who put together the website and videos explaining the courses and how to promote it.

If you decide to participate in selling the Ultimate Tennis Courses Bundle, go to the website and:

While many clubs and facilities remain closed completely or partially, with limits on the size of gatherings, the Tennis Industry United campaign is helping providers to keep in touch with players and to keep tennis top of mind. Take advantage of all that is offered to help your business—and this industry overall—bounce back.