Dunlop Launches new FX Series Racquet Range

July 13, 2020

July 10, 2020 – Greenville, SC – Dunlop has unveiled its new FX Series of power rackets.
Comprised of five premium frames, the FX Series is packed full of technology and is the first range to feature Dunlop’s innovative POWER BOOST GROOVE technology, which provides players with a larger sweet-spot, resulting in more power, allowing them to play with ‘Power At Full Force’.

The FX Series was thoroughly tested by Dunlop Srixon engineers in Kobe, Japan, with the rackets demonstrating an average rebound property* of 4.8% at all impact positions, versus the same racket without the groove. This results in more power with more consistency across the string bed.

“The FX Series is a result of tireless work by our global research and development team,” said Masahiro Asahino, Head of Tennis Division for SRI. “The end product is a range of power rackets designed for the modern game with players benefiting from increased consistency, control and feel. Every player, no matter their ability, is after power, and that’s exactly what this series delivers. Combine this new power series with our existing series (SX – Spin, CX – Control) and we now have a technically advanced racket for every type of playing style and ability, enhancing every game and helping to spread health and happiness through tennis.”

The FX Series also features four other key technologies to help deliver ultimate power, with consistency, feel and forgiveness. They are as follows:

– FX 500 Tour – The heaviest racket in the range, the FX 500 Tour combines speed, power and comfort with added control and is ideal for intermediate through advanced players.
– FX 500 – Designed for players with an attacking game, this racket delivers great power and spin, whilst providing forgiveness on those off-center strikes.
– FX 500 LS – This racket is based on the FX 500 and provides great maneuverability thanks to the lighter weight.
– FX 500 Lite – This is the fastest and lightest racket in the FORCE Series. Designed for game improvers, intermediates and advanced juniors.
– FX 700 – The FX 700 is supremely comfortable all round, packs plenty of power and is very forgiving. Perfect for players with a short to medium swing style.

Prices of the FX Series range from $179.99 to $199.99 and are available to pre-order from July 10th 2020. Visit to find out more.