USPTA Teams with Therabody as ‘Official Recovery Device’

July 27, 2020

LAKE NONA, FL (JULY 27, 2020) – The USPTA has signed a multi-year partnership with Therabody™, formerly known as Theragun®, the leader in tech wellness and percussive massage therapy, becoming the Official Recovery Device of the USPTA.

“Theragun devices are terrific for tennis coaches and players to aid in their recovery after a long day on the court or to help with muscle strains. Once you use a Theragun product, you will swear by its effectiveness,” USPTA CEO John Embree said. “This is a very exciting day for our Association. One of the benefits of the USPTA and Theragun relationship is the opportunity to provide educational tools through Therabody University to maximize the benefits of percussive massage therapy, not only during their training and matches, but also off the court as well.”

Theragun was selected as the Official Recovery Device partner for the USPTA following a competitive selection process and months of discussions between the two brands. Through its partnership, Therabody will exhibit and showcase its Theragun Percussive Massage Therapy devices at the USPTA World Conference and other division conferences. Additionally, USPTA coaches will have premium access to Therabody’s education division, Therabody University, giving coaches the opportunity to educate and train their players on the benefits of activation and recovery through using Theragun devices.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with the USPTA and its tennis-teaching professionals and their players, providing them with the opportunity to feel better naturally and recover faster after a rigorous day on the court with our Theragun devices,” said Dr. Jason Wersland, founder and chief wellness officer of Therabody. “We’ve spent years working with athletes and professionals developing protocols that will provide not only education on how to advance their recovery, but also how they can implement and incorporate Theragun into their everyday routines.”

This alliance between the two brands comes as a natural fit, USPTA member and supporter, Ken Merritt, a former Prince Player Development Manager and current USPTA Elite Coach since 1985, will oversee the overall partnership, establishing and building connections, and managing all aspects of the relationship through Team HQS, a unique affiliate software platform created and founded by Merritt in 2013.

“Theragun is a game-changer and has been a ‘locker room secret’ for many years with professional athletes,” said Ken Merritt, Tennis Brand Manager for Therabody. “The USPTA not only has the voice and authenticity to bring these secrets to the day-to-day club players that the USPTA pros teach and coach every day, but will also help players warm-up and recover on and off the court.”

Every Theragun is scientifically engineered to deliver the most effective percussive massage therapy experience available. Each device syncs with the Therabody app to activate custom tennis pre and post-workout recovery routines. The custom tennis routines show players how to activate before a warm-up, with recommended 30-second treatments focusing on the shoulder, forearms, hips, legs as well as the bottom of the shoe. For re-activation during a match, players can use a Theragun device for ten seconds on each side of their shoulder, glutes, upper legs, and bottom of the feet. These custom routines featured on the Therabody app are key when it comes to a successful game, set, and match.

Most recently, Therabody announced its newest Theragun brand ambassador athlete with a top-ranking American tennis player, Amanda Anisimova. Anisimova integrates the Theragun PRO™ into her everyday warm-ups and cool-downs to aid in her recovery and keep her body feeling great. Theragun’s unique family of premium percussive massage therapy devices, Theragun PRO, Elite™, Prime™, and mini™, are designed for everyday use and everyone’s needs of both athletes and individuals alike, including Anisimova. (John’s comment is that this paragraph is not relevant, however if this is what Theragun want us to include, I don’t have a problem including it. How do you feel)

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