Slinger Bag Says Steady Interest Confirms Demand for Tennis

August 13, 2020

BALTIMORE, Aug. 12, 2020 — Slinger Bag Inc., a sports brand focused on innovating game improvement technology and equipment, announced it exceeded order forecasts seeing steady order momentum in Japan, Scandinavia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Specifically: in the UK, Slinger Bag has sold out its availability several times since launching in late May and the distributor now restocks monthly; in Japan, initial inventory was exhausted in one day with 75% of the second shipment now also already purchased; Switzerland has experienced 50% sell-thru rates even before the product has arrived in the market and in Scandinavia, sales of initial inventories were almost sold thru in their entirety prior to the summer vacation break.

“It’s clear we are hitting a chord with tennis enthusiasts around the globe that are anxious to get back to Tennis, to their Sport,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Slinger Bag. “As professional tennis recommences in Europe and in the United States, Slinger Bag empowers Tennis consumers to get out on court anytime, anywhere regardless of whether they have a partner or not. As the tennis community adapts to the new normal, we are in a position to not only strengthen the sport, but also, to reinvent Tennis playing a role in increasing participation in general and the number of play occasions specifically.”

Slinger Bag can be set up to launch balls within minutes and provides consumers the ability to control both the launch frequency and the launch speed. Slinger Bag can be used literally anywhere – local parks; in a driveway or back yard; on neighborhood courts or at a local tennis club, indoor or outdoor and on any playing surface. Slinger Bag is wheeled like a carry-on luggage bag and is easily transported in the trunk of a sedan or saloon car. Slinger Bag is lightweight at 15kg/33 lbs. and multi-functional, holding racquets and all other tennis gear, 72 tennis balls, and has pockets for storing wallets, keys, towel and a water bottle.

“With Japan being the second largest global tennis market, Slinger Bag is an innovative solution to drive tennis consumer engagement, “ said Nori Soma, Senior Product Manager Slinger Bag at Globeride, Inc. “With Tennis being such a popular sport in Japan especially now as there are more successful Japanese players on the international tennis tours, we could not think of a better product and brand partner than Slinger Bag to drive success in the marketplace and to make tennis more accessible for all. We look forward to building Slinger Bag into a leading tennis brand in Japan and to many years of successful partnership, and to continuing a strong partnership as Slinger Bag’s exclusive Japanese distributor.”

The company continues to expand its global distributor network and to work with recognized tennis players, including the Bryan Brothers and world-renowned coach Nick Bollettieri, to generate brand awareness around Slinger Bag’s game changing product.

“Our steady daily orders for Slinger Bag in the UK are a clear indication that Slinger is resonating with consumers,” said Mark Jarvis, Director of Framework Sports & Marketing, Ltd. “Despite the fact that Wimbledon, the world’s largest tennis event was cancelled this year the excitement for the sport continues to grow in this market. Slinger Bag enables all tennis devotees to engage in their passion despite the challenges of today’s sports world. Slinger Bag is definitely providing consumers with a clear point of difference, convenience and regular, safe access to the game they love.”

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