Intercollegiate Tennis Association Launches ITA Coach Masterclass

September 1, 2020

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association announced on Tuesday the creation of the ITA Coach Masterclass and released the first chapter of the course. The ITA is committed to providing educational resources and helping our coaches continually improve their craft.

The Masterclass will begin with an initial release of nine chapters — a new chapter will be released every Tuesday throughout the months of September and October. New chapters will be added to the Masterclass on a regular basis after the initial release.

Coach Masterclass Release Dates & Chapters

Coaches can look forward to a wide variety of topics — anything from fundraising to building your own facility to team culture. Each chapter will contain a Masterclass video along with related ITA podcasts, ITA webinars, past ITA Coaches Convention sessions, and articles.

“I believe this will be a helpful starting point for all new coaches entering our profession and I hope there will be one or two lessons in there for our more experienced coaches,” Dave Mullins, Managing Director of the ITA, said. “This is very much a work in progress but I am excited to continue to build upon this foundation in the coming years.”

The initial chapter of the Masterclass focuses on the ITA’s role in college tennis and more importantly, how coaches can become involved in coach governance and strengthen the sport. The following chapter will focus on getting into coaching and the different roles coaches may fill over the course of their career.

Chapters 1 and 2 will be available to the public, while the following chapters will be exclusive to ITA Coach Members.

“I want to thank all the coaches who agreed to share their wisdom for this Masterclass,” Mullins added. “I am excited that we will now have one location to capture all our coaching education materials specific to college coaches moving forward.”