Slinger Bag Enters Distribution Deal in Chile

October 21, 2020

Slinger Bag announced a five-year distribution agreement with Sporting Brands, one of Chile’s established tennis distribution specialists, with over 30 years of in-market experience.

Under the terms of the partnership, Sporting Brands will be the exclusive distributor of Slinger Bag tennis products in Chile, where it will be launched this month. The deal is the brand’s first distribution partnership in South America.

The announcement follows recent strategic distribution agreements in other key global tennis markets including a European deal with Dunlop plus New Zealand, Australia, Japan, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, and all four Scandinavian markets.

“We are really pleased we will be playing a major part in Slinger Bag’s phenomenal growth,” said Sporting Brands Commercial Director Fanny Espinoza. “As the first Slinger Bag distributor appointed in South America, we will be aiming to create a successful sales template for the region.”

“It’s great to be selling in South America and Chile is the perfect place to start with its great tennis heritage and love for the sport. We’re really on the same page with Fanny and her team at Sporting Brands and believe Sporting Brands has the right approach, enthusiasm, reach and product appreciation to ensure our success in this market, and be an important part of the Slinger Bag success story,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Slinger Bag.