Celebrate National Tennis Month in May!

April 26, 2021

May is once again National Tennis Month! Share this monthlong celebration of tennis with the hashtag #NationalTennisMonth and plug your grassroots programs into this great promotion to grow the sport.

Here’s the message that USTA Chairman of the Board and President Mike McNulty sent out today:

All of us who have been involved in tennis for some time will likely recall that for many years, the month of May was celebrated annually as “National Tennis Month.” Well, I’m thrilled to share the news that this year, we will be reviving the concept of May as National Tennis Month—a time to get out on the court and experience the fun, competition and lifelong health benefits of tennis.

This exciting volunteer-led initiative looks to capitalize on the momentum our great sport is currently enjoying. As you are probably aware, the latest research from the Physical Activity Council shows that more than 21.6 million Americans played tennis in 2020, an incredible 22 percent increase in participation over 2019 and the highest number of players since the PAC study began in 2007. Importantly, 6.78 million Americans were new and returning players to tennis, which further proves that our sport is a great choice for a safe way to have fun with family and friends.

To help retain these new players and promote the great benefits of tennis, the USTA Family is encouraging providers, partners and community tennis organizations to help spread the good word about our sport throughout their local communities and to incorporate the hashtag #NationalTennisMonth in all their programming and promotions throughout May. Tomorrow, we will be sending out a news flash to the media so that they can also help us to make more people aware of National Tennis Month and the continued surge in the popularity of our sport.

In addition, our marketing department is providing coaches, facilities, CTAs and NJTLs with professionally-designed marketing templates to promote National Tennis Month, as well as local marketing ideas and social media best practices.

This is an exciting time for tennis; a time of growth and great momentum. National Tennis Month is a great way to spread the word and celebrate all that is wonderful about our game.