Professional Sports Registry (PSR) Set to Debut This Summer

May 11, 2021

Hilton Head Island, S.C., (May 10, 2021) – The Professional Sports Registry (PSR), a newly formed organization dedicated to better serving coaches who are certified in two or more sports, is set to debut this summer.

PSR will provide premium member benefits, education, and cost savings for teaching professionals/coaches in tennis, pickleball, and platform tennis. From there, PSR is looking to expand into padel, squash, fitness, aquatics, and possibly other sports. PSR Chairman and PTR Immediate Past President Rodney Harmon stated, “PSR will be focused on member service and satisfaction with the primary goal of improving the professional lives of coaches worldwide.”

Initially, PSR membership requires certification in tennis (PTR) and either pickleball (PPR) and/or platform tennis (PPTR). Those who have attained certification in two sports will be designated as “Dual Impact” professionals. PSR members who have three certifications (PTR/PPR/PPTR) will be listed as “Triple Threats.” According to leading club employment recruiter KK&W’s Len Simard, “being a dual impact professional will be the minimum hiring qualification at top facilities moving forward with the preference toward attaining Triple Threat status in certain parts of the country.”

PSR will provide substantial cost savings through the bundling of multiple memberships. Hemel Cosme, PSR Board member and club owner stated, “It will be much easier for our members to manage their certifications with one organization to meet their professional needs, which is important with everyone’s busy schedule.”

According to their CEO, Dan Santorum, “PSR is a significant step forward in improving the career pathway, employment opportunities, and compensation structure for dedicated coaches. All PSR members have passed a background check and are incentivized to continue their education in their professions. Also, the certification bodies that PSR is comprised of (PTR, PPR, and PPTR) are officially affiliated with all three national governing bodies within each sport respectively.”

Clubs that employ PSR members will also receive a premium discount on PSR consulting services. The demand may be for a single sport or the total racquet sports program. For example, with pickleball being a relatively new sport to most facilities, consulting for pickleball programs is currently in demand.

“We are excited for PSR’s debut this summer, and we already plan to add another sport certification in August to complement its current stable of three sports,” stated PSR Vice Chairman and PTR President Karl Hale. “We are living up to our motto – PSR … be part of something BIGGER.”

PSR is the largest global organization for coaches of tennis, pickleball, and platform tennis. PSR is dedicated to educating coaches, providing premium member benefits, offering consulting services, and more. For more information visit: