USPTA Partners with Int’l. Federation of Pickleball Academy

November 13, 2021

LAKE NONA, FL – The USPTA has partnered with the International Federation of Pickleball Academy (IFP Academy) to launch a new and improved USPTA Pickleball Certification. Beginning January 1, 2022, USPTA members may obtain USPTA Pickleball Certification by newly trained 17 USPTA Division Head Pickleball Testers or at any IFP Academy official training center within its extensive network. In addition, all USPTA Head Division Pickleball Testers have extensive experience with the sport, both as a player and a teacher, and will receive extensive in-person training by the IFP Academy.

The IFP Academy is a market-leading pickleball training, certification, and rating company specializing in accreditation and training in over 62 countries across the globe. The USPTA, working with the IFP Academy, plans to rapidly build out its network of USPTA Pickleball Certification Testers across the country to accommodate the increasing demand for Certified Pickleball Instructors at racquet facilities due to the sport’s immense popularity.

Included in the cost of the USPTA Pickleball Certification is a one-year pickleball training and continuing education membership with the IFP Academy. This membership provides USPTA Certified Pickleball Instructors with access to basic educational content from the IFP Academy. USPTA Certified Pickleball Instructors may also upgrade their IFP Academy membership for an additional fee for unlimited video and educational tools access.

“It was time for the USPTA to take control of pickleball certification. Modeled after our successful tennis testing protocols, each division will have a Head Pickleball Tester who will work with other USPTA pickleball testers in their respective divisions to certify USPTA professionals for this growing activity. We are excited to partner with Robert Elliott and the IFP Academy team of evaluators to elevate the standards of pickleball within the USPTA.”

“We are honored to partner with a world class organization like the USPTA”, said Robert Elliott (IFP Academy Global Director of Training and Certification). “Our mission is to create the global standard for pickleball training and certification and to leave no country behind (and no instructor).That is why we are very excited to partner with the USPTA to help build this program for the USPTA teaching professionals.”

Pickleball is increasingly popular, and the sport is projected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Therefore, having a USPTA Pickleball Certification is a valuable asset for tennis-teaching professionals looking to advance their careers by providing their club and club members with pickleball programming and instruction.

Be on the lookout for new USPTA Pickleball Certification dates starting January 2022. Questions about the new USPTA Pickleball Certification? Contact the membership team at [email protected] or by calling (407) 634-3050 option 2.