Tourna Launches New 850-ES Stringing Machine

February 3, 2022

Tourna recently launched the new 850-ES stringing machine, with its patented (and exclusive to Tourna) “down-press” clamps. “Gone are the days of twisting to tighten and loosen,” says Unique Sports President Kevin Niksich. “With our unique and innovative clamping system, racquet technicians simply press down, and the clamp locks.”

There are three different ways to release the locked base—gravity release of the clamp, lifting the base lever, or pushing a button—all quick and easy, notes Niksich. The 850-ES also features a “glide to activate” linear tensioner, which is a nearly automated way to start tensioning a string, no pushing of a button necessary.

Other notable features include rear tilted towers to maximize work space, electric height adjustment, CNC crafted precision space-saving clamps, and an auto-electric brake—“All designed to maximize speed and efficiency,” says Niksich.

The pushbutton LCD screen has high-end features such as pull speed, pre-stretch, knot functions, memory and tension to .01 increments. Plus, the 850-ES includes two tool trays, a tool holder, and a cell phone holder.

“No detail has been left out,” Niksich adds. “Whether you’re just beginning your career or are a seasoned racquet technician, the Tourna 850-ES will make your work faster, more efficient, and more accurate, giving your customers exactly what they need to play their best.”

To view a video of the 850-ES in action, click here. For more information, visit or contact 800-554-3707 or [email protected].