USPTA, Revo Sunglasses Ink Multi-Year Endorsement

March 8, 2022

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year endorsement with Revo as the “Official Performance Eyewear” of the USPTA.

Revo was founded in 1985 when NASA Astrophysicist and Optical Engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda was working on a project for NASA when he had a simple idea. What if we used the coatings that protect satellites to shield our eyes from the sun? Dr. Ruda uses the NASA-developed protective coatings that protect satellite portholes from space radiation on a pair of sunglasses to protect the eye. With this revolutionary finding, Revo is born.

“In recent years, those of us in the tennis-teaching profession have come to realize the importance of protecting our skin from the relentless exposure to the sun due to the long-term detrimental effects,” says John Embree, USPTA CEO. “However, many of us don’t think about protecting our priceless gift of sight from the harm that can come from excessive exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays. Revo sunglasses feature NASA Light Management Systemâ„¢ technology to manage the entire light spectrum, providing optimum vision in all conditions. Good helpful light is allowed in and enhanced, while harmful light is blocked.”

“As a lifelong tennis player, without realizing it, the USPTA pros taught me everything I know about tennis which makes me personally so excited to have Revo partner with USPTA. I’m honored that we can now officially share our industry-leading technology with the USPTA and the tennis world as a whole,” says Cliff Robinson, Revo CEO. “Our sunglasses are already in many tennis pro shops and utilized by tennis professionals worldwide. Now, even more USPTA Professionals and tennis fans in general will learn about our best-in-class protection and performance.”