Har-Tru Buys Ball Machine Company Lobster Sports

May 9, 2022

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, May 9, 2022 – Har-Tru, LLC announced today that the company has acquired Lobster Sports, Inc, the world’s leading supplier of portable, pickleball and tennis, ball machines. The move adds a line of technologically advanced products that focus on players, game improvement, and health and well-being.

Lobster Sports was founded in New Jersey in 1971, making it the oldest, continually-operating, ball machine company in the world. The company’s products are recognized for their product design, innovative features, and ease of use. In addition to portable and commercial tennis machines, the company offers machines for the rapidly growing sport of pickleball. Lobster products are sold in the US, Canada, and dozens of countries around the globe.

“I cannot fully express how excited and honored I am that Har-Tru has been entrusted with the care of Lobster Sports,” said Pat Hanssen, Har-Tru’s President. “I grew up using Lobster ball machines during the tennis boom and feel a personal connection to the products and the brand. Opportunities to carry forward a legacy like this don’t come along very often.”

“I am confident Har-Tru will be an excellent steward of the reputation and legacy of Lobster Sports, Inc.,” said Tony Potter. “My grandfather, Harry Giuditta, began Lobster Sports over 50 years ago with integrity to meet the needs of our customers. Since that time, we followed in his footsteps and have become a leader in our industry through innovation and cutting-edge design. Har-Tru was an obvious choice because of their eye towards legacy while being fully committed to growing our brand. I couldn’t be more excited for Lobster’s future.”

Ball machines have come a long way since the 70’s and Lobster Sports, while the industry leader, has always challenged itself to improve. “Anyone who has used a boring box that tosses balls at you, inconsistently at best, knows how important innovation, ergonomics, quality products, and stellar design are,” shared Potter. “These are the features that have helped generations of customers become their best on the court.”

Hanssen shared his excitement about how Lobster fits into Har-Tru’s current business. “Har-Tru dates back to 1932 and our mission is to leverage our products and our expertise to help people create great places to play. We can now also focus on helping individual players, whatever their level, get exercise and improve their game. As a former teaching professional, I find that deeply satisfying.”

Hanssen said that Lobster will continue to operate independently out of its current headquarters in Los Angeles. Har-Tru plans to invest in further product development and to add accessories and amenities that would be beneficial and convenient for tennis and pickleball players.