ITF Withdraws Ranking Points for Wimbledon Juniors and Wheelchair

May 20, 2022

The ITF on Friday confirmed its decision not to grant ITF ranking points to Wimbledon in 2022 for Juniors and Wheelchair tennis events which form part of the Grand Slam tournament.

Tournament organisers are not permitted to unilaterally impose entry criteria inconsistent with the ITF’s published open entry criteria. Therefore, in accordance with its protocols, the ITF has the right to withdraw ranking points. The ITF has determined that Wimbledon’s entry criteria banning Russians and Belarusians compromises the integrity of its international competition, in particular its ranking system, as there is a lack of alternative equivalent opportunities for players to compete for ranking points and prize money.

This difficult decision has been taken as a protective measure that upholds the principle of open entry to international competition based on merit and protects the integrity of ITF international tennis competitions. The ITF’s position remains that Russian and Belarusian athletes remain eligible to participate as neutral athletes.

The ITF recognises that each national government will have its own response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine facilitated by Belarus and that national context has led the AELTC and the LTA to decide an Entry Ban in the UK. However, we strongly believe it is not the politicians who decide who can take part in our competitions, and as the global governing body of tennis across the 210 countries where a national tennis federation or association member is present, the ITF must maintain its overriding international policy for consistency.

Separately, ITF ranking points will only be retained in UK-based LTA tournaments in ITF World Tennis Tour, Juniors, Wheelchair and Seniors international tours if satisfactory alternative equivalent opportunities exist in other countries.

On March 1, the ITF sanctioned the Russian Tennis Federation and Belarusian Tennis Federation with immediate suspension until further notice. This suspension bans both nations from hosting or entering international competition and display of any national or patriotic symbols in any form. This decision was strongly supported in a vote by the ITF Council composed of the National Tennis Federations on May 6.