Slinger, Related Properties Become Connexa Sports Technologies

May 16, 2022

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, May 16, 2022 — Slinger Bag Inc. (“Slinger” or “Company”) (OTCQB: CNXA) announced today the transformation of Slinger into Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (“Connexa Sports”), a connected sports technology company that brings together Slinger, PlaySight Interactive, Ltd. (“PlaySight”) GAMEFACE.AI and Foundation Sports Systems, LLC (“Foundation Tennis”). As part of this transformation, Slinger redomiciled from Nevada to Delaware and, effective May 16, 2022, changed its name from Slinger Bag Inc. to Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. With its portfolio of companies, and over one million users on its combined platform, Connexa Sports ( is building a leading connected consumer brand in sports. The company is also updating its ticker symbol on the OTCQB to “CNXA”.

“I’m thrilled today to introduce our new corporate identity and associated operational structure,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Connexa Sports. “This positions us to take advantage of the opportunity for growth in the sports tech market, and more specifically within our initial core verticals of racquet sports, baseball, softball and cricket. With over a million users in our ecosystem already, Connexa allows us to grow this consumer base and serve them with the products, services, content and data insights they are looking for, specific to their sport.”

Powered by the integration and adoption of automated video, 5G, AI, big data, OTT content and performance analytics in sports, Connexa Sports is focused on turning sports facilities ‘smart’ through its connected camera and AI technology, while at the same time connecting consumers to their sport with disruptive products and immersive analytics, training and playing experiences.

WATCH: Led by PlaySight’s automated production, live streaming of practices, matches, lessons and tournaments, OTT capabilities and content for fan engagement, digital marketing, betting, data and media providers.

PLAY: Reimagining sports with the Slinger app tiered subscription services and the Slinger Bag range of ball launchers, including performance analysis and recommendations specific to each sport. Powered by disruptive, state-of-the-art equipment and a respected global ambassador team, as well as facility and club level engagement through Foundation Tennis, all available to convert to Slinger app users and Slinger Bag customers.

LEARN: AI and coaching insights from GAMEFACE.AI, with content curated to inform, motivate and provide improvement and enjoyment of sport across all technologies and products within the Connexa ecosystem and paired with Slinger Bag launchers for a full training experience. With over $50 million invested in proprietary AI, automated video and performance technology to date, Connexa Sports has the capabilities to deliver products and services for the key growth areas of sports, from media, data and content to youth sports, and across its key verticals:

“Collaborative product development across the portfolio brands is already driving innovation within our core sports verticals. As we deepen our offering in tennis, we will look to replicate the connected sports platform model and enter new sports verticals by bringing industry-leading innovation to players and fans by making their sport more accessible and affordable, while also building the infrastructure needed by sports organizations, media companies and betting platforms to provide richer data and insights and a better experience to their customers,” concluded Ballardie.

Additional revenue will be generated by the PlaySight and Foundation Tennis brands beyond the Watch, Play, Learn strategy. PlaySight will continue to build software-enabled automated video capture products for additional team sports, such as basketball, soccer and ice hockey, through its established footprint across more than 30 sports. Foundation Tennis will also continue to sell its club and facility management SaaS platform, which includes bookings, POS through its platform partnership with Square, and social and community features, into the racquet sports market. The Foundation Tennis platform opens up access to its members to convert under our Watch, Play, Learn commercial activities, while providing an ancillary recurring revenue stream.

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