U.S. Captures 6 Titles at ITF Super-Seniors World Team Chps.

May 4, 2022

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla., May 3, 2022 – American teams won six of the 10 titles at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Super-Seniors World Team Championships in Palm Beach County, Florida last week. The women’s and men’s teams each won three titles while the four other teams finished as runners-up.

The tournament is the senior tennis equivalent of the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup competitions, with top American tennis players representing their country in the 65-, 70-, 75-, 80- and 85- and-over age groups. The ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships is the most prestigious team event on the ITF Seniors circuit.

The U.S. brought home the Kitty Godfree Cup (women’s 65 & over), Althea Gibson Cup (women’s 70 & over), Angela Mortimer Cup (women’s 85 & over), Jack Crawford Cup (men’s 70 & over), Gardner Mulloy Cup (men’s 80 & over) and Lorne Main Cup (men’s 85 & over). Following the ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships, the World Individual Championships began on April 30 and run through May 7.

Below is a list of players who represented the United States in each division with results:

Britannia Cup – Men’s 65 & over – Result: 2nd Place (Australia def USA 2-1)
1. David Waldman, Washington D.C., Captain
|2. Mark Vines, Naples, Fla.
3. Michael Magale, Garden City, Idaho
4. Toby Crabel, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Jack Crawford Cup – Men’s 70 & over – Result: CHAMPION (USA def. Australia 2-1)
1. David Sivertson, La Quinta, Calif., Captain
2. Marc Mazo, Clearwater, Fla.
3. Paul Wulf, Salem, Ore.
4. Robert Litwin, Lafayette, Colo.

Bitsy Grant Cup – Men’s 75 & over – Result: 2nd Place (Spain def. USA 2-1)
1. Don Long, Rochester, N.Y., Captain
2. Geoffrey Moore, Boynton Beach, Fla.
3. Les Buck, Henderson, Nev.
4. Michael Beautyman, Lake Worth, Fla.

Gardnar Mulloy Cup – Men’s 80 & over – Result: CHAMPION (USA def. Great Britain 3-0)
1. Fred Drilling, Estero, Fla.
2. Ivo Barbic, Atlanta, Ga.
3. Robert Quall, Merced, Calif., Captain
4. Michael Stewart, Garner, N.C.

Lorne Main Cup – Men’s 85 & over – Result: CHAMPION (USA def. Argentina 3-0)
1. George McCabe, Oxford, Ohio, Captain
2. Herman Ahlers, Las Vegas, Nev.
3. Jerald Hayes, Westfield, Ind.
4. King Van Nostrand, Vero Beach, Fla.

Kitty Godfree Cup – Women’s 65 & over – Result: CHAMPION (USA def. Great Britain 3-0)
1. Bunnie Jackson, Bluffton, S.C.
2. Carolyn Nichols, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., Captain
3. Diane Barker, Daniel Island, S.C.
4. Susan Wright, Orlando, Fla.

Althea Gibson Cup – Women’s 70 & over – Result: CHAMPION (USA def. Great Britain 3-0)
1. Judy Dixon, Amherst, Mass., Captain
2. Tina Karwasky, Glendale, Calif.
3. Toni Novack, Naples, Fla.
4. Wendy McColskey, Durham, N.C.

Queens’ Cup – Women’s 75 & over – Result: 2nd Place (USA def. Great Britain 2-1)
1. Betty Wachob, Panama City, Fla., Captain
2. Carolann Castell, Kirkland, Wash.
3. Carol Gay, San Diego, Calif.
4. Susan Kimball, Oak Bluffs, Mass.

Doris Hart Cup – Women’s 80 & over – Result: 2nd Place (Germany def. USA 2-1)
1. Cathie Anderson, Del Mar, Calif., Captain
2. Suella Steel, La Jolla, Calif.
3. Suzanne Clark, New City, N.Y.
4. Sheila Weinstock, Weston, Mass.

Angela Mortimer Cup – Women’s 85 & over – Result: CHAMPION (USA def. Great Britain 3-0)
1. Carol Wood, Rockville, Md., Captain
2. Doris DeVries, Palm Desert, Calif.
3. Dorothy Wasser, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
4. Roz King, San Diego