USPTA Elects Not to Reapply for USTA Accreditation

June 2, 2022

ORLANDO, FLA. (June 2, 2002) — The USPTA has elected not to reapply for USTA’s Accreditation Program at this time. An emailed statement and link to a video by USTA CEO John Embree went out to USPTA members this morning. The statement is below:

“Starting in 2018, the USPTA has worked collaboratively with the USTA in an attempt to develop a meaningful Accreditation Program which includes elevating the certification standards of tennis-teaching professionals. One of the key objectives was a specific focus on the job market and marketing the value of having certified professionals delivering tennis at facilities. While the certification standards have been raised, not enough has been done to positively impact employment opportunities for you, our members.

“Club operators and employers have not gotten behind the concept of hiring professionals from an accredited organization or requiring their teaching staff to be members in good standing of an accredited organization. Little promotion or marketing has been done to make consumers aware of the value of having their coaches be certified. Up to this point, accreditation has not had the desired effect that was originally intended four years ago.

“Therefore, the USPTA Board of Directors and Executive Committee have elected not to reapply for full accreditation from USTA until such time that accreditation means something substantive in the marketplace. The USPTA remains committed to raising the standards of tennis-teaching and coaching and improving opportunities for our members. The USPTA will certify its applicants under its own certification pathway established in 2021 that significantly raises the standards of certification in the U.S.

“The USPTA will continue to work with USTA on improving the accreditation process to add value to our members and enhance the meaning of being a certified professional from an accredited organization. When these goals are accomplished and the job market embraces accreditation and facilities begin hiring and retaining professionals who are certified and members in good standing of an accredited organization, the USPTA will look forward to reapplying and becoming fully accredited again.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email [email protected].”