ASBA Debuts New Quarterly Magazine for Builders, Suppliers, Designers

August 15, 2022

Forest Hill, MD – The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders, design professionals and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, announces the launch of its new quarterly magazine, Build It Right.

The magazine, which replaces ASBA’s longtime newsletter, Newsline, has increased technical content and in-depth coverage of industry issues, interviews with executives from various governing bodies, rules updates and other information affecting the sports facility design, construction and supply industry. At the same time, it will include company news contributed by ASBA’s members, as well as information on programs, publications and other Association projects, news of meetings, educational offerings, volunteer opportunities and other items of interest.

The inaugural August 2022 issue of Build It Right (named after the Association’s motto) was just published and is available in both hard copy and in an electronic format, available here.

“This magazine is an important step for our Association,” said David Clapp, CTB, CTCB, Chairman of ASBA. “From its humble beginnings more than 50 years ago, ASBA has grown not only in terms of membership but in the range of sports facilities our members are designing and building, and for which they are supplying equipment. This magazine is an excellent example of how much we have accomplished – it contains information on the facilities being built for emerging sports, as well as in-depth information on our industry. Build It Right is proof of how far the industry has come, and even more importantly, of how much our Association has evolved to meet its needs.”

Build It Right’s next issue will be published in November 2022. To subscribe, click here.

The ASBA is a non-profit association comprised of nearly 500 design professionals, builders and suppliers engaged in sports facility construction. The ASBA sponsors informative meetings, publishes books and technical construction guidelines for athletic facilities, offers an awards program to recognize construction excellence, and keeps its members aware of the latest developments in the industry. It also offers extensive educational courses and voluntary certification programs in tennis court, running track and sports field construction, as well as certificate programs in pickleball court construction.

Available at no charge is a listing of all publications offered by the Association, as well as the ASBA’s Membership Directory. For information on the ASBA, as well as on its publications, activities and upcoming meetings, please contact the Association at 2331 Rock Spring Road, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050. The phone number is 443-640-1042. The ASBA also may be reached electronically via its website:, or via e-mail at [email protected].