ITF Publishes Short Film Documenting the History of Tennis

August 22, 2022

The ITF has released an informative and entertaining short film documenting the history of tennis – from its origins as a medieval game through the establishment of formal rules in the 19th century, before charting the sport’s journey from the amateur days of the early-mid 20th century to the modern day.

Produced in collaboration with the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the United States Professional Tennis Association, the film explores important moments throughout the sport’s history – such as the foundation of the Women’s Tennis Association in the 1970s, the re-introduction of tennis at the Olympic Games in the 1980s and the sport’s return following the suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The eight-minute film is presented by tennis broadcaster and historian Chris Bowers, and features discussion and imagery of some of the finest athletes ever to play the game – from the sport’s early pioneers in the late-19th and early-20th centuries to the world-famous players who compete today.

Click here to view the video now.