USTA Working with Retailers, Providers for ‘Try Tennis Free’ Pilots

August 1, 2022

The USTA, working with local retailers and tennis providers, is running free lesson pilot programs in three markets: Denver, Atlanta and Chicago. For the “Try Tennis Free” pilots, consumers purchase a racquet then get rewarded with a QR code or gift card for a free lesson at a local club or facility.

“The basic concept is to work with retailers and providers in each city,” says Mickey Maule, the USTA’s managing director of Engagement and Services. “For instance, if a consumer buys a racquet at Game-Set-Match in Denver, they’ll be able to connect with a pro in the area, who has agreed to provide a free lesson. Free lessons will be available for both children and adults at a number of local tennis clubs and facilities.”

In the Denver pilot, customers will receive a QR code at check-out when they buy a racquet at one of the four Game-Set-Match retail stores. The QR code will link to a site where they can then register for the free tennis lesson. Participants can select their date, time and location for their free lesson based on the available inventory listed on the registration website, which is continually updated, so if nothing fits their schedule at the time, the consumer can check back at a later date.

The pilot program in Atlanta is working with retailer Your Serve, which has 10 locations, says Maule. In Chicago, retailer Strings Attached, with two locations connects with provider Toss and Spin.

“Our plan is to scale this up to include retailers and even mass merchants across the U.S.,” Maule says. “We hope to be reaching out soon to more retailers and providers as we look to promote the sport by helping to promote our industry’s retailers and tennis pros.”