ASBA Honors Distinguished, Outstanding Sports Facilities

December 6, 2022

Forest Hill, MD – The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, has announced the winners of its annual awards. Awards are presented each year to facilities built by ASBA members, which best exemplify construction excellence.

Awards are presented in various categories: Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Sports Fields, Pickleball Facilities and Track & Field Facilities. Within some categories, there are divisions; for example, the Sports Field category recognizes single- and multiple-field facilities.

Winners of awards were announced at the Association’s 2022 Technical Meeting, presented from December 2-5 in Palm Desert, California.

“We are proud of the work done by all members of ASBA but this year’s award-winning projects showcase true excellence,” said David Clapp, CTCB, chairman of the Association. “They are not only designed and constructed to exacting standards, as well as being aesthetically beautiful, but they provide an excellent playing experience for the athletes who use them and the spectators who come to watch them.”

Projects are scored individually based on considerations such as layout and design, site work, drainage, base construction, surface, amenities, innovation and overall impression. Winning entries are those whose cumulative scores met or exceeded the standard:


Distinguished Single Field Facilities

Distinguished Facilities-Multi-Field


Distinguished Facilities-Outdoor Tennis Courts

Distinguished Facilities-Residential Tennis Courts


Distinguished Facilities-Outdoor Running Tracks


Distinguished Facilities-Track & Field


Distinguished Facilities-Outdoor Pickleball Courts


Distinguished Facility-Multipurpose/Gym

Within each category, specific facilities were chosen from among all winning entries to represent the best of athletic facility construction. The winners were as follows:

The ASBA is a non-profit association comprised of designers, builders and suppliers in sports facility construction. The ASBA sponsors informative meetings, publishes newsletters, books and technical construction guidelines for athletic facilities, and keeps its members aware of the latest developments in the industry. It also offers voluntary certification programs in tennis court, running track and sports field construction.

Available on the Association’s website is a listing of all publications offered by the Association, as well as the ASBA’s Membership Directory. For information on the ASBA, as well as on its publications, activities and upcoming meetings, please contact the Association at 2331 Rock Spring Road, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050. The phone number is 443-640-1042. The ASBA also may be reached electronically via its website:, or via e-mail at [email protected].