Foundation Tennis Reacquired by Founder; Reaffirms Commitment to Customer Service

December 31, 2022

COHASSET, MA. (December 31, 2022) – In an effort to bolster customer service and help tennis and racquet sports businesses better serve their players and members, Foundation Tennis has been reacquired by its founder and original owner, Charlie Ruddy.

Ruddy says one of the first orders of business is to focus on helping customers build their brand value.

“Everything we do is targeted at helping our customers grow, manage that growth, and prosper from it,” he says. “As a B2B supplier, our success is based on our customers’ success, which means putting their brand first: on the web, in the app stores, and across their entire digital presence.”

Foundation Tennis helps businesses in the racquet sports industry with web site design and development, custom/branded apps, email marketing, and customer service functions such as court reservations, online enrollments and payments, which allow clubs and organizations to grow the value of their business.

Ruddy, who reacquired the business from Connexa Sports Technologies Inc., says he plans to be in touch with all Foundation Tennis customers in coming weeks to help them prepare for the upcoming spring season, including taking advantage of key industry initiatives such as National Tennis Month in May. Ruddy also plans to bring back the company’s customer advisory board—a key to keeping on top of trends and needs in the industry.

“These winter months are the ideal time to consider a web site, app refresh or to implement our online payments & Square POS integration,” says Ruddy.

Foundation Tennis will continue to offer helpdesk and hotline services seven days a week from 8:30 am to 8:30 PM and can be reached by calling (510)-405-4115.

To learn more about how Foundation Tennis can help you grow your business, contact Foundation Tennis at: (617) 981-6890 or [email protected].