PHIT America to Introduce ‘Play Pickleball’ Program to Schools

March 30, 2023

Washington, D.C. (March 27, 2023) – National charity PHIT America is launching a new physical activity and sports program, PLAY PICKLEBALL, to elementary schools this spring. PLAY PICKLEBALL will be added to PHIT’s current physical activity offerings, which include AMPED Running/Walking, PLAY TENNIS and PLAY GOLF programs.

The new pickleball equipment kit and program will be a complete offering for elementary schools, with the curriculum provided by USA Pickleball. PLAY PICKLEBALL will include top quality products and training aids including 24 paddles, 30 indoor balls, 30 foam balls, two Billie Jean King Multi-Sport Sweet Spot Training devices, a top-quality net, EZ Scan Fitness Tracking and more. Additionally, PHIT America will award three schools the opportunity to secure an installed, multi-court playing surface for their school in 2023.

“Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and we want to make sure youth have the opportunity to learn the lifetime sports of tennis, golf and now pickleball,” says PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh. “And, while we already have over 1500 schools with 850,000 children who have benefitted from receiving PHIT America grants, programs, and equipment, many of our PE Teachers are asking about pickleball.”

Hope Tolley, Managing Director of Recreational Programs for USA Pickleball adds, “As the National Governing Body, USA Pickleball is pleased to support PHIT America’s new PLAY PICKLEBALL initiative by providing educational resources and tools. This inclusive program that introduces pickleball into schools is an ideal setting to welcome future generations of diverse players into the sport.”

Elementary schools can inquire or complete application form here.

Matt Manasse, known as the “Pickleball Coach of the Stars,” is involved with many aspects of the pickleball industry and is a huge supporter of PHIT America. “I love what PHIT is doing. As a nonprofit, they are improving the health of thousands of kids nationwide while introducing kids to pickleball with a great kit and school program. Simply said, PHIT is growing the game of pickleball while improving kids’ health. I would encourage the pickleball industry to support this great charity.”

PHIT America invites interested companies and individuals to help get more kids playing through pickleball while supporting a national 501(c)3 charity. Baugh adds, “Any company or organization should want to grow this game, which is so accessible to so many youth. As importantly, supporting PHIT America means kids will have the best learning experience and, just as important, you will support a charity that is dedicated to getting kids physically active to create healthier, smarter and happier kids.”

PHIT plans to ship more than 100 kits to schools in 2023, and can easily pass that mark with more additional support. If anyone is interested, please contact Jim Baugh at [email protected].