Trish Faulkner Leads Proposed Slate for 2024-25 USPTA Board

June 11, 2023

Current USPTA First Vice President Trish Faulkner heads the slate from the USPTA Nominating Committee for proposed officers for the 2024-2025 USPTA National Board of Directors.

The full slate submitted by the nominating committee for the next term is:

Challenges to any nominees on the proposed slate must be submitted to USPTA World Headquarters by July 1 and must specifically designate which candidate is being challenged. Only one challenger can oppose one nominated vice president. For a new candidate to be added to the ballot, he or she must be nominated by at least 120 members and submit the list of names before Aug. 16.

Karl Jones will be the chair of the next USPTA Nominating Committee, which will determine the 2026-2027 USPTA Board of Directors.