Andre Agassi Among Investors in DUPR Pickleball Rating System

January 24, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 24, 2024 — DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating), the international rating system for pickleball, announced a new board, ownership and investors, as well as an influx of $8 million in funding to further advance its mission to unify the fast-growing sport with innovative technology and a dynamic global rating.

David Kass, real estate developer and Major League Pickleball team owner, will operate as the new owner and chairman, alongside new board members and investors including legendary tennis star Andre Agassi; Raine Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Raine Group; Jay Farner, CEO of Ronin Capital Partners and former CEO of Rocket Companies; Brian Yeager, Chairman & CEO, The Champions Companies; and R. Blane Walter, founder of InChord Communications. Tito Machado will continue to lead the organization as its CEO.

“Pickleball is still in its infancy and the sport is only going to continue to gain traction in the US and worldwide. We are making a major financial investment in DUPR to grow the platform, its technology and the game for the long term,” said David Kass, DUPR Chairman of the Board. “In just a few years, DUPR has experienced incredible adoption, with over 35 API partners and half a million users, enabling players to know their level, connect with friends and players, join clubs, and unlock advanced analytics, training tools and opportunities for upskilling. Now operating as its own entity, DUPR can focus on cementing its position as the connective tissue of the entire pickleball ecosystem. I am excited to work with this talented team to take DUPR into its next chapter.”

With over half a million users and a 20% month over month growth rate since its founding in 2021, and a presence in over 140 countries, including China, Germany and the UK, DUPR has established itself as the global standard in pickleball ratings. DUPR provides players across all levels with an ageless, genderless rating based on their match results to equip the emerging sport with a simple language and standard to gauge player ability.

“As an active, passionate pickleball player I know how important it is to play against players at your level for the ultimate enjoyment of the sport,” said Andre Agassi, former world #1 tennis player, eight-time Grand Slam champion and Olympic gold medalist. “DUPR is the most accurate system out there that gives all players a simple and easy way to know their skill level. With DUPR, you can also track progress, connect with others and maximize more opportunities to hit the courts. I believe in DUPR’s vision to benefit pickleball and players of every level. I am excited and proud to be a part of this team.”

DUPR’s various organized competition models provide endless opportunities to participate in pickleball. From juniors (focused on shaping young talent that will define the future of the sport), to collegiate (DUPR is the home of collegiate pickleball), all the way to Major League Pickleball — DUPR connects the entire pickleball pathway, offering something for everyone. The company’s partners and supporters include LifeTime Pickleball, The Picklr, Ace and OOFOS.

“Our team has been working tirelessly for the last few years to build the best-in-class rating system and technology platform to unify pickleball. Now, with the support and guidance of David Kass, Andre Agassi, The Raine Group and our other incredible investors and board members, we’re well-positioned to accelerate our growth and adoption worldwide, while also releasing new features to the platform to enhance the experience for players and organizers,” said Tito Machado, DUPR CEO.

DUPR uses a modified Elo algorithm that rates players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, across the same 2.0 to 8.0 scale to evaluate their ability. The algorithm considers three factors: wins or losses, type of match (recreational vs tournament) and the rating spread between players. DUPR is free and one match is all it takes to have a rating. As players play more, their rating becomes even more accurate. Players who use DUPR play more often, and love the ability to know their level and find more opportunities to play. Tournament directors and event organizers report that when their players have a DUPR they see more activity at their club and increased growth for their bottom line.