Tennis Industry Association Rebrands as Racquet Industry Research Group

February 13, 2024

Chicago, IL – The Tennis Industry Association (TIA) announces its transformation to the Racquet Industry Research Group (RIRG). More than just a name change, this evolution signifies a broader mission to provide research and data to the entire racquet sports community.

The organization acknowledges the wide scope within the racquet sports industry and aims to cater to the needs of every segment within it. The change reflects a dedication to providing comprehensive research and benefits across various racquet sports, including tennis, pickleball, padel, and others, fostering industry growth across the entire spectrum.

RIRG’s membership now extends its comprehensive research and benefits beyond the traditional tennis sphere, reaching into the realms of pickleball, padel, and other racquet sports. Members can expect an enriched experience, with access to a wide range of resources, insights, and networking opportunities tailored to their specific interests and needs.

This transformative journey positions RIRG as a pivotal force in driving innovation, sharing insights, and nurturing the collective progress of the racquet sports industry. With an expanded focus, RIRG aims to be a unifying entity, bringing together enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses across different racquet sports for collaborative growth and development.

The Racquet Industry Research Group (RIRG) is a not-for-profit trade association, originally founded in 1974 as the American Tennis Industry Federation. RIRG is the only trade organization representing all facets of the racquet sports industry, providing research and data to advance the economic vitality of racquet sports.