Teaching Pro Organizations Unite to Support USTA’s Vision for Tennis Expansion

June 18, 2024

(June 18, 2024) – The PTR and USPTA are both endorsing the USTA’s visionary goal of increasing tennis participation to 35 million players, enhancing coaching talent and expanding the number of facilities nationwide. “Over the past six months, our unwavering dedication to this shared mission has been expressed through both independent efforts and collaborative initiatives,” the two organizations said in a joint statement.

“We fully support the USTA’s ambitious plan to enrich the tennis experience and encourage lifelong participation among players,” the statement continued. “By mobilizing our extensive network of teaching professionals, we aim to energize and broaden this vision.

“First and foremost, we wholeheartedly back the USTA’s target of cultivating a tennis-playing community of 35 million individuals, representing about 10% of the U.S. population. To achieve this, we pledge to engage our professionals in creating and scaling programs tailored to both new and returning players, ensuring accessibility and relevance at every stage of their tennis journey. From competitive to casual play, for all ages and interests, our coaches will strive to deliver comprehensive and captivating experiences on the court.

“We are also committed to improving the availability and quality of coaching at all levels. By aligning with the USTA’s objective of raising coaching standards and expanding the pool of SafePlay™-approved coaches to over 80,000 nationwide, we aim to provide players with the guidance and instruction necessary to excel. Through our collective efforts, we seek to increase the presence of teaching professionals in various environments, including parks, public facilities and schools, while also fostering career opportunities within the coaching profession.

“Moreover, we stand united with the USTA in their effort to maximize court availability, a crucial element in supporting growing participation rates. By partnering with local entities and leveraging existing infrastructure, we aspire to facilitate access to more than 250,000 courts nationwide, ensuring equitable play opportunities, particularly in underserved communities. Our professionals will play a key role in optimizing facility operations and promoting active tennis engagement at the grassroots level.

“Additionally, we remain dedicated to supporting and nurturing the next generation of tennis stars. Through our joint efforts with the USTA, we will continue to develop talent, showcase premier events and provide a clear pathway for aspiring athletes to achieve excellence in the sport. By empowering emerging competitors and elevating the coaching profession, we aim to inspire millions to embrace the transformative power of tennis.

“In collaboration with the USTA, the PTR and USPTA are poised to realize this shared vision and usher in a new era of tennis excellence and inclusivity.

“In the spirit of partnership and amplifying our impact, PTR and USPTA are excited to announce joint initiatives across the United States in the upcoming months and beyond. From hosting a women’s coaching workshop during the Cincinnati Open to coordinating joint board meetings and expanding educational opportunities, our partnership seeks to elevate the tennis community and foster a culture of inclusivity.”