USTA Ventures Invests in ‘PlayReplay’ Electronic Line-Calling for Rec Play

June 6, 2024

ORLANDO, Fla., June 6, 2024 – The USTA announced that the USTA’s new strategic investment initiative USTA Ventures has invested in PlayReplay, a tennis technology company featuring an electronic line-calling (ELC) system set to increase access to accurate, user-friendly ELC for junior, adult and recreational play nationwide.

This is the first investment made by the USTA Strategic Investment Committee, through USTA Ventures. Formed in 2023, the committee’s focus is on acquiring potential equity stakes in technologies and other companies that will help advance the USTA’s mission.

The PlayReplay ELC system utilizes a minimally intrusive camera solution that provides a level of accuracy and precision not previously seen in ELC systems priced for recreational competition. Through the PlayReplay app, or a touchscreen that can be installed courtside, players can immediately access necessary player and ball tracking data, “challenge” a line call and receive a visual representation of where the ball landed and an in/out ruling.

Players will also be able to access a wealth of play analysis data, including shot speed, court positioning, in/out percentage, and many other useful metrics. By utilizing coaching features provided by the system, players will also be able to select target areas and gain insight into their accuracy during a training session.

This investment aligns with the USTA’s new growth strategy, announced earlier this year, by looking for ways to elevate the quality of facilities and playing experience throughout the country. The USTA also aims to use PlayReplay to help improve sportsmanship in competitive play and to help officials operate more efficiently.

The USTA has begun piloting the PlayReplay system at select sanctioned junior and adult tournaments throughout the remainder of 2024, both indoor and outdoor, with the potential for wider-scale utilization in 2025 and beyond. At three recent USTA Junior tournaments where PlayReplay was piloted, a surveyed group of 42 players, parents, tournament staff and officials rated their ‘overall impression’ of the technology higher than 9 out of 10, on average.

“This investment in PlayReplay embodies exactly what we are trying to achieve with USTA Ventures,” said Bill McGugin, Chairman of the USTA Strategic Investment Committee and USTA Board Member. “We believe that the PlayReplay system has the potential to significantly enhance the playing experience across the country, offering an affordable technology solution to tennis facilities where electronic line calling has previously not been feasible. This investment also represented an opportunity to invest in a company that has the potential to continue to grow and innovate at different levels of the sport.”

“We are thrilled to have the USTA joining forces with us in our mission to increase access to tennis technology,” said Hans Lundstam, CEO and Co-Founder of PlayReplay. “Moreover, given the USTA’s understanding of the technology landscape in tennis, we are proud to be selected as USTA Ventures’ first startup investment. We are impressed by the USTA’s ability to be innovators in this space, considering the scale of their operations, and couldn’t dream of a better partner for our venture in North America.”